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The Twin Peaks Reboot Is the Ultimate Tease

Hi, spooky bitches! How ya holding up on this last 16 days until the Twin Peaks reboot premieres? I hope you’re spending it pilling Audrey Horne cardigans and eating cherry pie, having inappropriate relationships with older men and going on accidental vision quests. (Actually, probably don’t do those last two.)

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Showtime knows how anxiously anyone with a black and lusty soul is awaiting this return of epic proportions. So, they’re teasing the hell out of us, of course. Today, they gave us a short, cryptic clip called “Some Familiar Faces 25 Years Later.”

In the clip, we just see flashes of faces: Sarah Palmer, Big Ed Hurly, Carl Rodd, Deputy Andy Brennan, Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill and the indisputably ideal boyfriend, Agent Dale Cooper. Each face flashes with a sonic thud and then fades back to black, until we see the iconic misty falls and neon logo at the end.

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Some takeaways: Fuck, I’m getting old. Damn, they all got old. Ageism is stupid. I’m OK getting older, and they’re all holding it together really well and living their best lives. Why did Shelly never get her own spinoff? Mädchen Amick is the absolute best.

Madchen Amik
Image: Giphy

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Where the rebooted series will pick up, more than two decades later, has been held very close to the chest by series creator — and most likely the DL grand creator of all things — David Lynch, as well as the rest of the cast and crew. What we do know is that it will be perfect, but also, it will absolutely not be enough to satisfy the 25 years of waiting we’ve already done.

Which Twin Peaks character are you most excited to see again? Tell us in the comments!  

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