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Supernatural’s Mary Finally Comes to Her Senses, but It May Be Too Late

Finally! It only took basically all season for Mary to see what Dean and Sam (well, for a little while) have been saying since the beginning: the British Men of Letters can’t be trusted.

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During Thursday’s episode, Mary slowly started to see the lines Mr. Ketch and his colleagues cross when it comes to torturing and hunting supernatural beings. She also turned Ketch down when he desperately wanted to have sex with her yet again. No, Ketch, that was a one-time thing, so get that through your thick head. That didn’t sit well with him, because how dare a woman not be attracted to him, right?

Eventually, Mary also discovered that Mick is dead. Poor Mick. He really did have a lot of potential and was turning over a new leaf. He would’ve made another great Winchester ally.

After finding Mick’s body, Mary also learned that the Brits have been following her boys, Garth, Claire and everyone else near and dear to the Winchesters. As Ketch told Mary after catching her snooping around, it’s time for American hunters to become extinct.

Obviously, Mary isn’t going to just go along with that ridiculous plan. What did she do? She opened a can of whoop-ass on Ketch. She even put on brass knuckles and showed him a thing or two. You don’t mess with Mama Winchester. We’ve been waiting for Mary to pull more of her badass moves on Ketch, and she did just that. Thank you!

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Sam Winchester
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Sadly, Mary’s fighting skills didn’t last, because Ketch tasered her. At the end of the episode, Mary was tied to a chair and awaiting torture from Ketch. However, she found a surprise waiting for her: None other than Lady Toni Bevell showed up and settled in to pick Mary’s brain.

Remember when Toni shot Sam and then tortured the crap out of him at the beginning of the season? Here’s hoping Mary breaks free and gets back at Toni for hurting her baby boy. Better yet, let’s hope Sam shows up and gets his revenge on Toni. She really needs to be put in her place.

Before Mary was taken hostage, she was able to leave a not-so-descriptive voicemail on Dean’s phone saying there was a problem. Sam and Dean better get to British Men of Letters headquarters, stat. Or, you know, it just may be too little, too late for Mary.

Oh, and is anyone else worried about Sam? He looked alive and well in the promo for next week’s episode, but Dean struggling to wake Sammy up from his nap is a bit disconcerting. Maybe he was just in a deep sleep? Yeah, we’re going to go with that.

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Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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