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While the World Crumbles, Ryan Seacrest Scores $73 Million Paycheck

While most of us are glued to our computer screens watching our hopes of getting comprehensive healthcare at reasonable prices in this country crumble bit by bit, Ryan Seacrest is having, like, the best week ever.

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He just announced Monday that he signed on to co-host Live! with Kelly Ripa, who’s been searching for a permanent partner on the show for basically forever. He’s also going to be serving as the show’s executive producer.

So what of his radio show with iHeart Radio? Surely he’s giving that up, since Live! has to be quite the commitment.


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According to Radar Online, Seacrest just inked a deal to stay on with iHeart Radio for three more years. And he’s getting paid — what for it — $73 fucking million. Good luck with your healthcare, America. Ryan Seacrest can just buy himself his own personal hospital.

A source close to the deal, who spoke with Radar, said iHeart Radio made special concessions to make sure Seacrest can keep his show and co-host Live! concurrently.

“They are turning [Live! Executive Producer Michael] Gelman’s second office at ABC into Ryan’s new radio studio,” the insider said. “After Live!, Ryan can get in the elevator and do his radio show!”

Honestly, I thought Ryan Seacrest peaked about 20 years ago. Who would have ever guessed that American Idol wasn’t the high point of his career?

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Good on him, though. While the rest of us are over here not earning anything close to $73 million ever in our lives, maybe he’ll be nice enough to let us use that private hospital of his. Maybe.

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