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Rejoice! There’s New Haim to Listen To

Honestly, when I die, please donate my organs to Haim. Dedicate my existence to Haim appreciation. Give whatever is left of my estate (which will probably be three ailing cats, one collector’s edition Swatch watch and a stack of old New Yorkers) to Haim. They’re the best band, best sisters and best women of all time. And they’re finally giving us the first gift of new music since the 2013 intergalactically acclaimed full-length debut Days Are Gone.

They recently released an in-studio live music video of “Right Now,” which was of course directed by too-cool-for-school director Paul Thomas Anderson, because they are too cool for school.

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And now we have another taste of what’s to come. Today, they released the audio for “Want You Back,” another ’80s-soaked stream of sunshine, a sonic boom you can have sex to and play for your mom, a promise of fulfillment with their pact with the devil to deliver summer bangers forever in exchange for their souls.
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It’s also just a cool song in general. Like the title suggests, it tackles a breakup from the point of view of the person who walked away and now wants the other person back. But what’s really cool is that it’s a perspective that’s usually told about men. Men are typically the fodder in songs for the character of evil ex crawling back, leaving women to fulfill the scorned-woman-staring-down-from-the-phoenix pedestal. The song admits that women too can be the ones who do wrong in a relationship and realize those wrongs after the fact. And that’s human and cool, and it sounds good too.

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And Haim, if you’re reading this, I bang a mean tambourine if you’re ever looking for a fourth member.

How excited are you for this new record?! Tell us in the comments.

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