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Creating the Ultimate Mixtape for Adele, Because HBD

The first week of May is a very special one in the world of celebrity birthdays. If you, like me, are a massive fan of Adele’s, then you know May 5 is her birthday. If you are also, like me, someone who loves any chance to listen to the music of Adele while simultaneously thanking the cosmos that Adele even exists, then it seems only right that we pay homage to her on this most special of days.

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But how exactly can one pay tribute and send their love to one of the (in my humble opinion) greatest singers of the 21st century? Well, the only thing I can see fit to do is speak Adele’s language. That is, the language of music.

So, on that note (yes, pun intended), I compiled a playlist of songs that Adele most likely knows and loves. I’ve also made sure to include some current jams to keep things fresh. No party is complete without a good playlist. Here’s mine, on the occasion of Adele’s 29th birthday.

1. Kygo & John Legend, “Happy Birthday”

What could be better than having John Legend sing “Happy Birthday” to Adele?

2. Terence Trent D’Arby, “Wishing Well”

According to Billboard, this song was the No. 1 pop hit the week of May 7, 1988, which means this was probably one of the first songs Adele ever heard. Talk about nostalgia.

3. Etta James, “Something’s Got a Hold on Me”

Adele has name-dropped Etta James as one of her musical icons in the past. Listening to this song, it’s not hard to connect the dots between these two amazing singers.

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4. Lorde, “Green Light”

OMG, this song is perfect for any occasion. Can you even imagine Adele singing the hell out of this at her party as she grooves along?

5. George Michael, “Fastlove”

Adele sang a slower version of this song in tribute to the recently deceased George Michael at the 2017 Grammys. This original, quicker tempo version feels appropriate and party-ready.

6. The Weeknd & Daft Punk, “I Feel It Coming”

The perfect song to chill to while getting into the party groove.

7. Beyoncé, “Hold Up”

Because nothing saying “Do your thing, girl, it’s your birthday,” like Beyoncé.

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8. Adele, “Send My Love to Your New Lover”

We have to have just one of Adele’s own songs to celebrate her on this playlist, guys.

9. Mark Ronson & Amy Winehouse, “Valerie”
A good birthday playlist always involves Amy Winehouse, especially when it’s for another jazzy, soulful Brit like Adele.

10. Harry Styles, “Sign of the Times”

Because Adele loves Harry Styles and Harry Styles loves Adele.

11. Lady Gaga, “The Cure”

Just like Adele, Lady Gaga is a consistent chart-topper who knows how to craft the perfect tune. This song is everywhere right now, so why not put it on Adele’s birthday playlist?

12. Michael Jackson, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”

It’s not a birthday party without some Michael Jackson to listen to while you dance with your friends.

13. ODESZA, “Late Night”

This recent chart-topper is a total jam.

14. Ed Sheeran, “Shape of You”

This Ed Sheeran song is dominating the charts right now but it’s an actually amazing song, regardless of its chart status. Something tells me Adele would love it.

15. Beyoncé, “7/11”

Who’s going to say no to more Beyoncé?

16. Mr. C the Slide Man, “Cha Cha Slide”

The birthday party gods told me this was an evergreen party hit, and so, I must obey them. But for real, don’t tell me Adele wouldn’t love to hear this song at her party.

17. The Beatles, “Happy Birthday”

Because you always have to go out on a high note, here’s a final “Happy Birthday” message for you, Adele.

Here’s to a year full of nothing but good times and memories, created by and for you.

And hey you, the reader! You can celebrate Adele’s birthday too — get down with your bad self with our Adele Birthday Spotify playlist.

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