Amy Schumer's Dad Meeting Goldie Hawn Is Almost Too Cute to Watch — Almost

May 3, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. ET

There's just something really cool about meeting a favorite celebrity. We see them on screen. We look up to them so much. Seeing them in person is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. No one knows that better than Amy Schumer's dad, Gordon Schumer.

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He's been comedian Goldie Hawn's biggest fan for decades, and because fate can be a great thing sometimes, Hawn is co-starring alongside Amy Schumer in their upcoming movie, Snatched. Because of her proximity to her dad's favorite star, Amy has already had them meet before, but only via FaceTime.

Gordon, who has multiple sclerosis, obviously still wished he could meet Hawn in person. Amy just made that happen and, naturally, captured the whole thing on video.


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She posted the video to Instagram, captioning it, "My dad meeting the love of his life @officialgoldiehawn." It shows Gordon working at his office when Amy stops by to tell him he's going to have a surprise visitor. He's in tears as he realizes what's about to happen.

"Who are you about to meet?" Amy asks as Gordon dabs at his eyes with a tissue.

"Am I about to meet Goldie?" he sobs.

Amy jokes, "Play it cool," but it's pretty clear that's not going to happen. He stammers something about being unable to be cool, and that's the moment when Hawn walks into the room.

"I'm emotional too," Hawn tells him, right before they hug, and OMG, it's pretty cute.

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So can she go ahead and introduce me to Riz Ahmed? That would be super.