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The New Fifty Shades Freed Trailer Is Here Because It’s Never To Early for Hype

The next installment in the Fifty Shades franchise is only nine months away from its release date, fam. Never mind that you could literally grow and birth a new human before it hits theaters — it’s time to get hyped up!

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To make sure we’re all appropriately hyped nine entire months before we need to be, the first trailer just dropped for Fifty Shades Freed, theoretically the last movie in the franchise, though who knows — E.L. James did decide to keep the cash flow alive by writing the exact same books from another person’s perspective, which meant writing like, three new paragraphs and cutting and pasting pages and pages of previously written dialogue (not that I’m salty about that as a writer or anything, no way). Those could probably become movies too, so I would take the news that this is the final film installment with a big grain of salt.

Where we last left Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, they had escaped a number of deadly situations including a crazed stalker and a helicopter crash, and they were happily engaged. The new trailer gives us a tiny glimpse of their ensuing wedding and European honeymoon, which they casually fly off to in Christian’s private jet, naturally. Watch the whole trailer here.

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There’s not a whole lot to the new trailer. Like Fifty Shades teasers of the past, it’s just some short clips from the movie, cut together with music. Some things of note, though:

Ana’s wedding dress, which is simple, classic and elegant, much like her.

Fifty Shades Darker
Image: Focus Features

And Jamie Dornan’s abs, which are always important.

Fifty Shades Darker
Image: Focus Features

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Can you set an iPhone alarm for nine months from now? Can’t miss this!

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