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Is This Melania Trump’s Cry for Help?

You guys, Melania Trump might be trying to tell us something.

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Imagine her life right now. She’s not big on media attention. She wants to live in New York City, not Washington, D.C. She’s forced to watch her husband bumble his way through a presidency that he apparently thought was going to be easy (???). Things probably aren’t, like, great for Melania Trump right now.

But what can she even do? This is her life now, whether she signed up for it or not (spoiler alert: The Donald seems to just do whatever the fuck he wants when he wants, so she probably didn’t).

Here’s what she can do: She can passive-aggressively sub-tweet her husband, showing everyone who’s paying close attention how she really feels about this whole being-married-to-Donald-Trump situation. Turns out, the president isn’t the only one who can use social media as a weapon.

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Melania Trump’s personal Twitter account has stayed quiet for a few months — the last time she tweeted from it was right around the time of the election. But careful observers saw that on Tuesday evening, for about 45 minutes, the account had liked two tweets. One was her own tweet from May of 2012, saying, “Hello Twitter!” The other was from Andy Ostroy, reading, “Seems the only #Wall @realDonaldTrump’s built is the one between him and @FLOTUS #Melania,” and including the now infamous GIF of the first lady smiling widely before letting her face fall the second her husband turns his back on her.

Yes, it actually happened. She liked that tweet for almost a full hour before unliking it. It was enough time for the internet to take note.

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Sure, it’s possible this was a mistake. It’s pretty easy to accidentally tap one of those little hearts while you’re scrolling along. An intern could have been signed into the wrong account. Or, ya know, Melania Trump just wanted the world to know what she’s really thinking, just once.

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