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Literally Nothing Would Be Better Than a Britney Spears Musical Getting Made

Well, it would seem that the nostalgia gods are intent on giving to us millennials in great quantity. There are currently very loud whispers across the internets that a Britney Spears musical is in the works. Could this actually be real? And if so, where and when can I buy my damn tickets?

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Rumors of the Britney Spears musical recently popped up on Forbes. According to Forbes, Spears is looking for her next big venture as she faces the final stretch of her Las Vegas residency. This, of course, has meant Spears and her core team (managers Larry Rudolph and Adam Leber) to assess viable future projects. The biggest idea they allegedly have going for them right now is turning Spears’ pop hits into a musical of some kind, or what’s known as a jukebox musical. This is an absolutely inspired idea in my opinion and would absolutely be the right next move for the ’90s pop queen.

Britney Spears Clapping
Image: Giphy

But wait. What would a Britney Spears jukebox musical even look like?

Forbes reported additionally that Spears, Rudolph and Leber met with veteran theater director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell to discuss potential musical ideas. Forbes went on to quote Mitchell as saying that a Britney Spears musical “would not be autobiographical.” If Spears and her team are going to also write the story to fill out the musical framework, then there are absolutely a million directions they could go in. And if Spears does follow Mitchell’s decree not to draw from her own life, does that mean she would just whip up an entire fictional-but-fantastical story for the stage? You guys, my mind is racing with magical thoughts, and I can’t handle it.

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Further thoughts about musical ideas leads me to wonder which of her biggest hits would make it into the final libretto. I mean, it should definitely include “…One More Time,” “(You Drive Me) Crazy” and “Toxic,” right? It would be a crime to leave them out. There would be millennials going wild in the streets if those songs didn’t make the cut.

Britney Spears One More Time
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Spears and her reps have yet to release an official statement on the musical matter. Please, please confirm this for us, girl. If you turned your hits into a musical, I know we millennials would be forever grateful.

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