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Beyoncé’s Having a Blowout Sale on Her Memories — Buy ‘Em for $300

Beyoncé superfans, aka all people, are gonna want to jump on this. Bey just unveiled her new $300 Lemonade box set, and it’s a collector’s item that dreams are made of.

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How to Make Lemonade includes the first ever vinyl pressing of Beyoncé’s Lemonade album (in a lemon color, because of course), audio and visual album downloads and a 600-page coffee table book featuring never-released photos from the making of Lemonade interwoven with writing and lyrics in Bey’s own handwriting, a forward by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and poetry by Warsan Shire.

Check out the teaser Bey posted to Instagram Tuesday:

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As Bey’s website puts it, “The How To Make Lemonade Box Set is a momentous tome and comprehensive look at Beyoncé’s LEMONADE journey. The How To Make Lemonade Box Set gives unprecedented insight into the making of multiple award-winning LEMONADE, with a numbered, collector’s edition coffee table book, double vinyl LP, and audio and visual album downloads.”

The price tag may be a little steep, but look at how much of herself Beyoncé put into this. It’s basically like owning a piece of her. Also, all those exclusive photos? This is a piece of music history, fam. It’s worth saving pennies.

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The set is only available to preorder through Beyoncé’s website as of now, with shipping dates listed only as “Summer 2017.” Still, we have a feeling these are gonna sell out long before the preorder stage ends, so if you’re the kind of Beyoncé fan who needs one of these, you might want to get on it. Like, right now.

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