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Some Celebs Spent Their Night at the Met Gala Smoking on the Bathroom Floor

So the Met Gala looks like a good time, right? All those pretty dresses. The biggest celeb names. Art. Culture.


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TBH, the Met Gala this year looked terrible. Like, everyone there looked grumpy about it.

Poor celebrities, having to wear clothes that cost more than my car and hang out with each other in a museum. So much hardship. So much angst.

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Also, like, every millennial in attendance ended up sitting on the bathroom floor, and a bunch of them were smoking.

And apparently, people are considering this life goals now?

A) Smoking is so 1993. B) Can you imagine how horrible it must have smelled in that bathroom? C) If your idea of a good night is sitting on a bathroom floor tryna look too cool to be there and putting off a serious Mean Girls you-can’t-sit-with-us vibe, sorry, but we’re not gonna be friends because I’m going to be doing something that’s actually fun.

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Raise your hand if you spent Monday night not at the Met Gala and you’re super-fine with that (*raises hand*).

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