What Happens in the Met Gala Bathroom Never Stays in the Met Gala Bathroom

You know when you’re out at a bar and you have to pee, so you head to the bathroom, but you can’t get into a stall because there’s a bunch of girls making duck faces and taking selfies in the bathroom mirror? It’s, like, the most annoying thing on the planet. And now, Brie Larson can officially confirm that this is true.

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Larson may have just had to casually do her business at the Met Gala. But, because she was at the Met Gala, she probably forgot that the bathroom is not just for peeing. It is for selfies. Poor Larson, just minding her own business, got dragged into a selfie with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, A$AP Rocky, Diddy, Lily Aldridge, Paris Jackson, Frank Ocean and tons of other stars. By the look of her face, you can completely tell she was just trying to get through it without peeing in her dress.

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Larson, who is an Oscar winner, rad feminist and all-around badass, seemed to think she didn’t belong in that frame. Like, it sucks that she probably just had to pee and then got roped into posing in a photo sesh afterward. The real crime here is her imposter syndrome, as exhibited when she tweeted about it.

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Girl, you don’t need no Kylie Jenner selfie to be famous. We’ve all seen Room. We know what a perfect queen you are.