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The Voice‘s Mark Isaiah Deserves More Credit for His Risk-Taking

At this point on The Voice, playing it safe is no longer an option. Artists need to demonstrate their versatility, and sometimes, that means taking big risks. The payoff can be huge, but there’s a greater potential for flubs.

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Mark Isaiah has never been one to back down from a challenge, but the necessity of doing so became more apparent during yesterday’s episode. He came very, very close to elimination last week, and now, he needs to pull no punches to get viewers to vote. That’s exactly what he did last night, and wow, what a performance!
Lil Wayne might not seem like a natural fit for an artist such as Isaiah or a show such as The Voice, but Isaiah made it work. He performed the very challenging hit “How to Love” like a pro. Yes, there were a few awkward moments in which he fell short of perfection, but in our opinion, it’s better to falter just a bit with a tough song than to nail a status quo song but bore us all to tears. There’s certainly no risk of boredom with Isaiah!

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Adam Levine admitted that he was initially quite worried about Isaiah’s surprising selection. He explained, “That was a tough song. This dude has chosen every song in the live rounds, but I let him go with it because I trusted him.” He added that Isaiah does not deserve to go home because he’s not only talented, but willing to take major risks.
Several other artists are making an effort to expand their repertoire and perform songs outside their comfort zone, but nobody quite embraces challenge like Mark Isaiah. His breadth is admirable, as is his attitude toward novel performance opportunities. Levine is right to trust Isaiah’s selection, as hard as that may be at times.

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Thank goodness fans had the good sense to save Isaiah last week. Hopefully, his risk-taking and exceptional performance were enough to convince viewers to vote for him again. We want to see more of him as the finale approaches!

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