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Hollywood’s Two Hottest New It Couples Made Their Debut at the Met Gala

In true Met Gala form, the annual event brought out Hollywood’s most fashion-forward crowd. And while the ensembles — which spanned the spectrum from sophisticated to outright perplexing — were certainly eye-catching, there were at least four people in the room who only had eyes for their significant others.

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In addition to the debut of this year’s eccentric Rei Kawakubo theme, the gala boasted two other big debuts: the public introduction of two of Hollywood’s hottest new pairs, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd as well as Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

Although Gomez and The Weeknd have been linked together since earlier this year, the pair had yet to officially make their public debut. The Met Gala proved an interesting event to do so considering The Weeknd attended last year with his then-girlfriend Bella Hadid… who was also in attendance tonight.

Nevertheless, The Weeknd likely had no idea who was in attendance — the musician could not take his eyes (or hands) off of Gomez. Throughout the evening, the couple displayed their affection, and you know what? It was super-sweet. Hugging, kissing and cuddling on the “red” carpet, the pair didn’t seem to have a care in the world outside of each other.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd
Image: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/GettyImages

For their part, J.Lo and A-Rod sported mega-watt smiles and walked with arms linked. They were admittedly more subdued than Gomez and The Weeknd, but likewise looked genuinely happy to be at the Met Gala in each other’s company.

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J.Lo and A-Rod
Image: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Plus, Lopez posted some candid selfies of the couple prior to their arrival at the event, so obviously they know how to let loose and have some fun.

Bottom line: Both couples looked flawless and totally in love for their big relationship debuts at the Met Gala. Here’s hoping they all continue to enjoy as much happiness as they exhibited at tonight’s event.

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