12 Gifts That Are Acceptable to Give Dwayne Johnson on His Birthday

May 2, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. ET
Image: Michael Boardman/WENN.com

May 2 is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's 45th birthday, and it was a good year for the star. From being named Sexiest Man Alive to being announced as the highest-paid actor in 2016, Johnson is on fire.


So what do you get a man who seems to have it all for his birthday? We've got a few ideas we know he'll love.

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1. In-N-Out gift card

Johnson has made it clear that when it comes to his cheat meals, he doesn't hold back. For someone who works as hard as he does, he deserves to go all out, especially on his birthday.


2. A big ol' chicken breast

When Johnson isn't in the cheat day mood, he keeps it strict with lean meats and veggies. I can't even imagine what his grocery bill looks like, but the dude apparently eats like a beast — as in over 5,000 calories a day.

3. A fish detector

Johnson is a fisherman! Who knew? But apparently he's not a very good one, which means he might need a little help in the water.


4. Rock Delta shoes... JK, JK

Johnson's shoe line Rock Delta became the fastest-selling shoe in 2017. NBD. Under Armour sold out in just a day, which means this shoe is hard to get your hands on. Of course, the only person who doesn't have to wait is The Rock himself, who probably has a pile of these shoes in his house already.


5. Campaign donations

Michael Moore endorsed Johnson for 2020. He's a populist hero. He's also the Sexiest Man Alive. Say it with me now, "President Johnson."


6. Poster of his Sexiest Man Alive cover

He deserves to flaunt that baby for the rest of his life.


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7. Jumanji board game

Since Johnson decided to axe the board game from the Jumanji remake, this gift only seems fitting. I'm not bitter or anything...

8. French bulldog puppy

He and his family already have a Frenchie named Hobbs, but I need more pics like this in my life. Those pups are smaller than his biceps. Like, what the hell?


9. "Best Dad" T-shirt

Johnson is one of the best celebrity dads around. I mean, he even dressed up like Pikachu for his daughter. It doesn't get cuter than that. Give this man a shirt.


10. Dwayne Johnson cardboard cutout

Who doesn't want one?

Dwayne Johnson Cardboard Cutout
Image: Cardboard Cutouts

11. Classic Baywatch Speedo

Ditch the board shorts. Oh, sorry, this one is more of a gift for me and women everywhere than actually a gift for The Rock.


12. "LOL Ur Not Zac Efron" sticker

Lol Ur Not Zac Efron
Image: Red Bubble

Since Efron and Johnson have an epic bromance, this only seems like the best gift ever. Any time anyone approaches Johnson, he can just hold up this sticker when he doesn't want to talk. It would be uh-mazing.

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Happy birthday, Dwayne Johnson!