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Michael Muhney Really, Really Wants Back on The Young and the Restless

If you were an executive at CBS Daytime, what would you do about the Michael Muhney situation? The character he played on The Young and the Restless, Adam Newman, is presumed dead, but he quite possibly could be “soap opera dead,” meaning a resurrection could happen at any time.

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With Justin Hartley gone from the role and firmly planted on NBC’s This Is Us, Muhney wants the door to reopen for him over at Y&R. He’s now asking fans to help him with his pitch on Twitter.

Muhney knows he has a strong fan base in his corner. They are supportive, vocal and are happily tweeting to the head of CBS Daytime, Angelica McDaniel as well as senior executive vice president of Sony Pictures Steven Kent and executive producer of Y&R Mal Young.

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Is Muhney’s campaign too late though? We know he had a difficult relationship with co-star Eric Braeden. It seems that Braeden’s new book, I’ll Be Damned, alludes to that strain in a blind-item chapter. Muhney would like a second chance to prove that he’s changed, but would producers be willing to bet on him with alleged drama like this hanging over his head?

The other struggle is a subset of fans who oppose his return and the lingering suspicion of his issues with co-star Hunter King. Those rumors were never confirmed by any party, but Muhney has denied all of the allegations.

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The other hurdle Muhney has to jump is with head writer Sally Sussman. When she returned in the fall, she said quite confidently that Adam is dead. She had no plans to resurrect that storyline even though recent developments might indicate he’s still alive.

How will this real-life soap opera end? It might be too controversial for CBS Daytime to allow for Muhney’s return unless the fans have the final word.

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