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Princess Charlotte’s Birthday Portrait Is Our Royal Ray of Sunshine

It’s only Monday morning, and we’ve already got the cutest thing you’re gonna see this week.

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Princess Charlotte turns 2 on May 2. Ahead of the tiniest royal’s birthday, Kensington Palace released a new official portrait of Princess Charlotte. I don’t even like kids, but I just wanna hug her.

“The Duke and Duchess are very pleased to share this photograph as they celebrate Princess Charlotte’s second birthday,” the official statement from the palace read, as reported by E! News. “Their Royal Highnesses would like to thank everyone for all of the lovely messages they have received, and hope that everyone enjoys this photograph of Princess Charlotte as much as they do.”

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What makes the new photo even cuter is that Charlotte’s mom, the Duchess of Cambridge formerly known as Kate Middleton, is the one who took it. It’s actually become kind of a tradition for the young royal parents — Kate and Prince William — to take the kids’ official portraits instead of photographers. And why not? They clearly have an eye for photography, because all the photos look amazing.

Unfortunately, we may not get more adorbs photos from Charlotte’s birthday celebrations. According to People magazine, the royal family will be celebrating the occasion privately at home. Boo, Will and Kate. Don’t you know we need to be updated on every aspect of your family’s lives?

So we’ll just have to use our imaginations to envision how cute little Charlotte’s birthday party is going to be. Will she smash a cupcake all over her face? Most likely. Will she be dressed in toddler fashion that even grown-ups envy? Chances are high. Will Kate pull off the perfect party and look fabulous all the way through? You betcha.

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Happy birthday, Princess Charlotte!

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