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Jamie Lynn Spears Turned Into Her Sister’s Twin at the Radio Disney Music Awards

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good trip down memory lane. At the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards, we took a trip all the way back to the late ’90s and early ’00s to honor an actual living legend. Well, for millennials, anyway.

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At Saturday night’s Radio Disney Music Awards, a big first happened. Britney Spears was awarded the first ever Radio Disney Music Awards Icon Award. For her achievements in music as well as her current status as a total legend in our culture, Spears was (in my opinion) rightfully awarded. It might come as no surprise that millennials would have a serious soft spot for Spears and have honored her in such a major way; what would our childhoods have been without her?

While the Icon Award was major, it was the way it was awarded to her that was seriously perfect. Before Spears took to the stage to snag her award, a medley of songs was performed to highlight just how influential she has been for the last 20-plus years. One of the biggest surprises was when Jamie Lynn Spears surprised Spears, taking to the stage to perform “‘Til the World Ends.” Jamie Lynn, sporting long blond hair and a form-fitting ensemble, legitimately looked like her sister’s doppelgänger on that stage. Just seeing Jamie Lynn literally transform into Spears made her performance the best part of the entire tribute.
The Spears sisters have always been close, so it was no surprise to those watching that Jamie Lynn would have been tapped for Spears’ honorary performance. The fact that Jamie Lynn went one step further and totally transformed into Spears was actually just too sweet. Seeing Jamie Lynn be able to not only perform one of her sister’s hits — perhaps the greatest compliment her sister could have given — but give her a huge award was everything.

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I mean, look at the love Jamie Lynn has for her sister while she presents her with this award. Can you feel the love?

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This Spears family love-in was brought to you by me, a millennial who couldn’t be happier that this actually happened.

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