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Look at Leo DiCaprio Protecting the Environment Like the Bae He Is

Leonardo DiCaprio, aka the environment’s best bae, pretty much out-bae’d himself at the People’s Climate March Sunday. I mean, look at him:

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Also, we need to address the fact that he is so environmentally conscious, he recycled a standard office file folder to make his “Climate Change Is Real” sign. BAE.

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DiCaprio wasn’t the only celebrity there. Others, including Jared Leto and Jane Fonda, tweeted from the march while others tweeted their support.

People joined the official march in Washington, D.C., and sister marches all over the country to show support for science-based climate standards. This was an especially poignant time to hold the march, just a day after an announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency was taking down its website about climate change and placing it “under review.”

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DiCaprio has been involved in climate marches for years, and he’s been an outspoken proponent of stricter standards to protect the environment. We’ll say it one more time: bae.

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