Kelly Osbourne Wants to Adopt

We all watched Kelly Osbourne grow up in one of heavy metal’s royal families, but does she want a family of her own? The singer, actress, fashion designer and television personality recently sat down for a chat with SheKnows and revealed that not only does she want lots of kids in her future, she might want to adopt.

Kelly Osbourne
Image: Kelly Osbourne

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“It’s my dad’s dream to walk me down the aisle,” she said. “He says ‘When are you gonna give me a baby?’ and I’m like, ‘All right, Dad, I’ll give them to you.’ I want kids. I want tons of kids. I think I would want to adopt.”

Osbourne said that she would likely want to adopt close to home, as there are so many kids who need homes here in the United States. She said, “I couldn’t imagine my life without kids. I get along with them better than adults.”

Osbourne often talks warmly of her two nieces, 3-year-old Pearl Clementine and 1-year-old Andy Rose, and her Instagram feed is filled with love for the girls, the children of brother Jack and his wife, Lisa Stelly.

The 32-year-old TV personality said, “My niece keeps asking me, ‘Aunt Kelly, how old are you?’ And she goes, ‘You’re not a grown-up, you’re a kid like me.’ I got really excited and then I had a whole panic attack about it because I was like, ‘What’s that saying about me if my niece thinks I’m a kid?'”

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Osbourne has a long history with dogs — she currently has a bulldog named Willy and a number of teacup Pomeranians, including Polly, Sid and Story. While her mom Sharon has a history of adopting rescue puppies, Kelly has come under fire for buying her pets from breeders.

Although rumors about Osbourne and country music singer/songwriter Dustin Lynch have been swirling for some time now, the two have kept quiet about any relationship they might have. Osbourne posted a video of the two celebrating their “first anniversary,” but Lynch later claimed that they were celebrating their friendship and that he is still single.

When SheKnows asked if she was currently paired up, she said “I’m keeping that side of my life for me.”

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