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OITNB Season 5 Hackers Might Find Themselves in Orange Jumpsuits Very Soon

Orange Is the New Black Season 5 has been released by hackers after Netflix refused to cave to ransom demands. No, this is not a storyline on the new season. Rather, Netflix is getting the FBI involved to investigate the hackers, who leaked the entire 10-episode season online with a taunting message for the streaming service.

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“It didn’t have to be this way, Netflix,” the hackers wrote. “You’re going to lose a lot more money in all of this than what our modest offer was. We’re quite ashamed to breathe the same air as you. We figured a pragmatic business such as yourselves would see and understand the benefits of cooperating with a reasonable and merciful entity like ourselves.”

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According to Variety, Netflix stated that it is very aware of the leak and is having the issue investigated by the FBI. “A production vendor used by several major TV studios had its security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved,” Netflix explained.

In fact, Us Weekly is reporting that the hackers are threatening to release other shows on other networks if their ransom demands aren’t met. No word yet which other shows the hackers managed to get their hands on. Hopefully, it won’t be long before the hackers end up in orange jumpsuits themselves.

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I know I, for one, will respect the integrity of the series and not go looking for the Season 5 leak online. I prefer to watch shows and movies as they were intended, in the form the creators had hoped we would enjoy their stories.

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