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Grow Up, Maggie! Grey’s Anatomy Is Making a Mess of Meredith’s Sister

If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy yet, be forewarned: No. 1, we’re about to dive head-first into some spoilers, and No. 2, it will break your gosh damn heart. Not that the second assertion will come as a surprise to anyone.

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But aside from the heart-tugging moments (and there were many), this week’s episode of Grey’s was guilty of one major misstep: making Maggie selfish AF.

Is this opinion going to be super popular? Meh, who knows? Still, if it’s irksome enough to distract from the many poignant moments in the episode, it merits mentioning. After all, it took fans a while to warm up to Maggie to start with — and her recent behavior runs the risk of alienating fans’ fickle affections once more.

So, let’s unpack Maggie’s problematic behavior, shall we?

We’ve all been watching with bated breath as the saga of Meredith and Nathan starts to unfold. At first, we were resistant. I think it’s safe to say there simply isn’t enough time in the world to properly mourn the loss of McDreamy.

However, Nathan has proven himself to be a stand-up guy and, thus, has steadily grown on us. Besides, Meredith deserves to love again.

For a woman who has been through so much intense pain and tragedy to open up to love again, it’s a big deal! A true testament to the resilience of the human spirit, if you will, and it’s unfortunate that someone who is supposed to love Meredith so much wouldn’t see that and be happy for her.

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Here’s the truth: Maggie is acting like they are still in high school. She never even dated Nathan, so it’s silly for her to lay claim to him to such a degree that she invokes some arbitrary “girl code.”

Granted, she has a point in the fact that Meredith should have told her the truth sooner. But Mer was truthful in her explanation to Maggie — she didn’t want to hurt her, she did keep Nathan at bay because of Maggie and there’s no good time to drop potentially painful news to someone who just lost their mother.

Lastly, can we just talk about how this is a total disservice to Kelly McCreary, who is a phenomenal actress? She deserves more than the role of the petulant brat whining over a guy. Point blank. If the show continues in this direction, it diminishes the impact and growth she created for her character during the haunting episode when her mother succumbed to breast cancer.

Maggie is an extremely smart person who just lost the one person she could always count on. Don’t you think she would find something as trivial as fighting over a guy to be kind of senseless in light of everything else?

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This week’s episode had some truly affecting moments, like when Amelia held Veronica (played beautifully by guest star Brigid Brannagh) as she took her last breath… mere moments after welcoming a son into the world.

Or when Owen intercepted Amelia in the elevator, and simply held space for her to feel what she was feeling.

But the drama between Meredith and Maggie dominated the episode, and it was an unnecessary distraction. Mer’s letter to Maggie at the close helped repair some of the damage, but a show as empowering as Grey’s typically is should move past the tired trope of two women fighting over a guy. And fast.

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