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Vin Diesel Rapping at the Billboard Latin Music Awards Is the Wildest Thing You’ll See

Of all the things I thought I’d have to prepare for in my lifetime, Vin Diesel rapping is one thing that required a lot of preparation. I was not ready. You will not be ready. But it’s happening, friends. Oh, yes, it’s happening.

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So, here’s how it went down. Vin Diesel performed at the Billboard Latin Music Awards on Thursday night. It was not a solo performance, thankfully (what would that have looked like?), but it was maybe the most memorable performance of the evening. During rapper Nicky Jam’s performance of his song “El Gander,” good ol’ Diesel popped up. It was definitely… something to behold.

Diesel’s rap is interesting for a number of reasons, primarily that it’s not the worst thing on the planet. I mean, it’s not the best either, but hey, considering this is the man who said “I am Groot” for two films and got paid millions, it’s comparatively OK.

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This isn’t the first time that Diesel has lent his special skills as a rapper and singer to another artist’s song. Earlier this year, Diesel got in the booth to give another very interesting vocal performance, shall we say, for Kygo & Selena Gomez’s dance pop hit “It Ain’t Me.” Who would have ever put Diesel and Gomez together for a song? It’s definitely some sort of wild idea, but again, I think it weirdly works.

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All of this musical output from Diesel is definitely an interesting thing to behold. There’s no word on whether or not Diesel is actually going to pursue his own solo musical career. That said, just sizing up his current contributions, I’d be inclined to say that as good an effort as it is, maybe he should just stick to his day job.

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