Emma Watson’s Suggestion for a Beauty and the Beast Sequel Is Brilliant

In case you were sitting around wondering if Emma Watson could get any more awesome (hey, right there with ya), the answer is yes. Of course she can — she’s Emma Watson. And if you need solid proof, simply take note of the Beauty and the Beast sequel idea Watson has been brewing in her fantastic brain.

During an interview with Access Hollywood‘s Scott Evans at The Circle’s Tribeca Film Festival premiere, Watson confessed she hadn’t realized there was so much fan fervor over the possibility of a sequel. Because, well, she’s genuinely that humble.

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However, just because she didn’t realize fans wanted a sequel, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been thinking about one herself. When asked outright if she’d be down to step into Belle’s shoes again, Watson answered rather emphatically, “Yes, I would love to do a sequel… yes!”

And here’s the kicker: she already has a killer thematic suggestion for the sequel.

“I always thought Belle would become a teacher, and she would run the library in the castle and open it up to the village,” Watson told Evans. “This is where I was going!”

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Oh, we’re there, Watson — if that’s the direction this sequel is headed, sign us up. While we’re at it, for that matter, can we go ahead and put in a formal request for Watson to join the ranks of Hollywood’s female directors?

Women make up only 5 percent (yes, you read that right) of the directors in Hollywood, so there is clearly a need for smart, empowering voices like Watson’s to take up residence alongside the Ava DuVernays and Kathryn Bigelows of the world.

It seems to us like Watson has the sequel to Beauty and the Beast teed up beautifully for someone, and it sure is nice to imagine that someone being her. For now, though, we’d settle for seeing her version of Belle’s future become a reality.

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Once her beloved character takes down the patriarchy by educating and uplifting all of the women around her, we’ll eagerly await the day when Watson helps smash barriers in the boys’ club that is Hollywood’s creative executives.