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The Internet’s Losing Its Shit Over Donald Trump’s Birthday Tweet to Melania

You never know what the week holds in the world of Donald Trump’s Twitter account, but Wednesday brought about a seemingly (and uncharacteristically) innocuous tweet from “45” — a birthday message to his wife, Melania.

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Of course, he simply wouldn’t be The Donald if he didn’t stir up a little controversy, and his birthday wishes to the new first lady prove to be no exception. So, what’s the problem, right? (Yes, I’m aware of how much there is to unpack in that question.) 

Leave it to the good people of the interwebz to bring to light the almost farcical nature of Donald’s tweet.

For starters, Mashable‘s MJ Franklin quickly pointed out that the American flag depicted in the Donald’s graphic message to Melania only has 39 stars. So, either someone in the graphics department was playing as fast and loose with design as 45 does with facts, or the prez has some secret state-trimming agenda we’re not privy to.

Naturally, that wasn’t the only commentary making the rounds. Countless people weighed in with their opinions about Donald’s generic message to Melania. Some used subtle sarcasm to get their point across.

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Others were outright unimpressed by Donald’s egocentric shout-out.

Of course, many people simply lamented the tweet on Melania’s behalf — present party included. I mean, is it too much to ask for a birthday message from your husband that doesn’t read like a discount card from a picked-over drug store aisle?

Perhaps 45 could have thrown in “my beloved wife” or “I love you” in there somewhere amid the handwriting font and the simple “Happy Birthday” message. While it would be easy to pass this off as the work of an intern, it’s ironic that Donald’s typical tweet-storms are so personal and passionate, yet his wife only gets this lukewarm ode on her special day.

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Admittedly, though, maybe I’m still just salty over the departure of lovebirds Barack and Michelle Obama, who never shied away from showing their true feelings for each other. Exhibit A? The tweet Barack sent his bride for her birthday this past January.

Now that, my friends, is a birthday tweet. For future reference, President Trump, this is the kind of birthday message your lovely wife deserves.

In any case, here’s wishing our FLOTUS, Melania Trump, a very happy 47th birthday!

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