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Supernatural’s Castiel Under Baby Lucifer’s Spell Marks a Dark Future

Sam and Dean’s list of problems just keeps growing on Supernatural. Basically, they can’t catch a break this season. Guess what? Castiel is one of those reasons. Yeah, their good buddy Cas is just making all of the wrong decisions right now.

In Thursday’s episode, Castiel finally returned from Heaven. As you can imagine, Dean was not thrilled to see him, especially since Cas disappeared without any word and didn’t even return Dean’s calls. Upon his homecoming, Castiel managed to make things even worse by disappearing again and stealing the Colt in the process.

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Castiel, you don’t just leave without saying good-bye to Sam and Dean. Plus, to steal the Colt? No, that belongs to the Winchesters. If he would’ve just asked nicely, they might have handed it over.

The purpose behind Cas taking the Colt was to bring it to his team of angels in order to kill Lucifer’s baby, Kelly and Dagon. To make a long story short, it did not work and Castiel couldn’t pull the trigger. He ended up saving Kelly and Baby Lucifer from Dagon.

Despite Castiel’s firm belief that both Kelly and her baby need to die or the world will essentially implode, Kelly tried to convince him otherwise. After trying to kill herself (she didn’t die, because Lucifer Jr. wouldn’t allow it), Kelly discovered this newfound faith in her child. She wholeheartedly believes that he needs to be born with his powers (not have his grace extracted, which might keep both Kelly and Baby Lucifer alive as humans, like Sam suggested) and that he will do good in the world.

Her faith was reaffirmed further when she had Castiel feel Baby Lucifer kicking. When Cas touched her baby bump, Kelly touched his arm and her child showed her a vision of the future. It depicted Castiel protecting both Kelly and her child. All of this led Kelly to believe that, yes, it’s OK if she dies, but her child must live and be protected by none other than Castiel. He will be the one to guide her son to a righteous path.

During Kelly’s revelation, Sam and Dean managed to catch up with her and Castiel at a hotel. Dean got the Colt back, but then another extremely precious item of his was taken. With Castiel inside it, Kelly drove off in Baby. Dean was not happy — duh.

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Kelly drove herself and Castiel to “the sandbox,” aka the gates of Heaven. She was ready to ascend with Castiel and Joshua, who finally appeared, but that plan went awry when Dagon showed up, killed Joshua and beat the crap out of Castiel. Thankfully, Sam and Dean arrived in Cas’ truck, but things went further south. In a devastating moment, Dagon destroyed the Colt. We never thought we’d be so upset over the loss of a weapon.

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Eventually, Dagon’s fight came to an end when Kelly rested her hand on Castiel’s arm and Baby Lucifer channeled his powers into Castiel. This allowed Cas to kill and defeat Dagon once and for all. It’s definitely not what we expected to happen. And thanks to this magic trick, Cas is apparently now a believer in Baby Lucifer.

Yeah, he now thinks Lucifer’s child must keep his powers because, once again, he has faith that everything will work out for the best. As he told Sam and Dean, “You just have to trust me.” This was before Castiel knocked Sam and Dean out with his angel magic and disappeared for the third time with Kelly by his side. What makes the situation even scarier is when Cas said the following (and with a smile) about Baby Lucifer: “He didn’t tell me, he showed me… the future.”

Well, it might be easier to trust Castiel if we could tell whether he actually believed the words coming out of his mouth or if he was under some kind of spell. He doesn’t seem to be acting like himself. It’s as if he was brainwashed by Baby Lucifer. If that’s the case, then that just goes to show how powerful Lucifer’s son is and what he’s willing to do get his way.

There is, of course, a chance that Lucifer’s child could end up being good thanks to Castiel’s guidance. That sounds too good to be true, though.

It kind of seems like Castiel is under Baby Lucifer’s spell rather than just having his faith restored after coming in contact with the child’s powers. It’s hard to say for certain what exactly is going on with Castiel, but, either way, him going rogue without Sam and Dean sounds like a dark future is ahead.

Also, what if Baby Lucifer is actually aligning himself with Castiel, trusts him and wants Cas to guide him? If so, can you imagine how pissed Lucifer is going to be? He won’t stand for it and will bring even more evil to the world — and probably kill Cas in the process.

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Hey, Sam and Dean, you can wake up from your angel nap now! Get back to saving the world and ensure that Castiel doesn’t make any further questionable decisions.

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Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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