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Robert De Niro Learning Snapchat Is Basically All of Us Over 25

Snapchat is one of the most bewildering apps I’ve ever learned to use. I’m not a Luddite by any means, but my God, they give you literally no clue about how the hell to use it! They really make you earn those ridiculous filters.

For the entire first day I had Snapchat, I was just blindly swiping and snapping and posting and Googling what all the strange icons popping up next to people’s names meant. I didn’t need a thick instruction manual or anything, but geez, would it have killed them to have given us a brief walk-through when we first signed up?

And yes, I am aware that this makes me sound incredibly old. I’m aware that by saying this, I’m basically waving my cane at teenagers and ranting about their newfangled technology and how it doesn’t make sense. But by saying this, I also finally have something in common with esteemed actor Robert De Niro (aside from our mutual loathing of Donald Trump, that is).

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In a video posted to People‘s Facebook page this morning, De Niro is joined by Alex Berry (a finalist in the Tribeca Snapchat Shorts category, which is a real thing that I just learned about right now) who announces that he’s going to be teaching De Niro how to use Snapchat.

De Niro’s face says it all:

Robert De Niro Snapchat
Image: People

Bewildered. Exhausted. Too old for this shit.

(Unrelated: Is anyone else always super-thrown off when De Niro’s friends call him “Bob”? I can’t decide whether it’s because he’s always referred to professionally as “Robert” or because the roles he has played just do not lend themselves to a man named “Bob,” but I always find myself mildly disconcerted when I hear this. Like, who?! Anyway. I digress.)

After a few questions about the app (“The beauty of Snapchat is that your photos immediately disappear” says Berry, “Even when you send them to your friends?” asks a De Niro, who clearly has no idea why you’d want a photo to disappear), De Niro is game and he is quickly transformed into the most basic of basic bitches by way of Snapchat’s (in)famous puppy filter.

Robert De Niro 2
Image: People

The sight of screen legend De Niro blithely wearing the puppy filter widely favored by sorority girls and Tinderellas everywhere brings me odd amounts of joy. I wish I had a high-res image of his face with this filter so I could frame it and hang it above my dining room table. I love it that much.

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Next, De Niro tries out the filter favored by exhausted moms everywhere because it smooths out our undereye circles to look virtually nonexistent. And as Alex helpfully illustrates, De Niro truly does look flawless

Robert De Niro 3
Image: People

Bob” tries on a few more filters — a panda, a voice changer — and looks genuinely amused by the whole process. I for one think that his upbeat demeanor is only because he had an adorable young dude to show him the ropes while I had to fumble around on my own, sweating and cursing the stupid app for making me feel every second of my 33 years on this Earth.

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So, good for you, De Niro! Add me to your friends list, will you? And as for you, Snapchat, consider hiring out cutie-pie Alex to give the how-to lowdown to your other elderly users, hmm?

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