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Newlyweds RuPaul and George LeBar Make Red Carpet Debut, Hand in Hand

Sashay away… right down the aisle.

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RuPaul is having a freaking fantastic few months. Not only was he just (rightly) named to Time magazines 100 Most Influential list, but he showed up at the gala honoring that accomplishment arm-in-arm with his brand spankin’ new husband.

RuPaul and Georges LeBar got secretly married in January, and now that that cat’s out of the bag, we’re going to need to see some wedding pics, stat. They not only look insanely happy and in love, but somehow, RuPaul, who towers at 6’4″, found a man who’s like, a foot taller than him (and as handsome as he is tall, but was there ever any doubt that RuPaul would lock himself down the most handsome man?).

RuPaul and husband Georges LeBar at the Time 100 Gala
Image: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

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RuPaul and LeBar have been close for a looong time — they had their wedding on the 23rd anniversary of the day they met. They kept their wedding super hush-hush, though, after waiting so many years to actually tie the knot. When he revealed in March that he was a married man, Ru explained, “What’s happening politically right now, you know, you never know what could turn around at this point.”

Ugh at GOP politics making LGBT people afraid they’re going to lose their rights. But yay for this wedding!

Also, just for giggles, here’s what Ru told Entertainment Tonight about visiting LeBar’s 60,000 acre cattle ranch in Wyoming, which Ru says is “the most isolated place on Earth.”

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“I dress up in the most gorgeous Westernwear,” he said, “but nobody cares.”

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