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Katy Perry Now Only Exchanges New Album Information for Cherry Pies

Katy Perry’s weird relationship with food continues, and this time, she’s got her eyes on the pies.

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As part of a fun, colorful promotional event to build excitement for the release of her next single, Katy Perry tweeted out a cherry pie recipe. You know, super-casual and normal. “Bake me a pie and you may get a surprise,” Perry tweeted out to her followers. Oh, so we’re just making Perry food — that we can’t even deliver to her, mind you — in exchange for information about her music? Who would do that?

Oh wait, JK. Plenty of people would do that.

These are just a few examples of the many, many pies Perry fans baked in order to please the pop songstress. The idea here was apparently that if you baked a pie and tagged Perry on Twitter, you might receive some special new clue about what Perry was teasing. Some thought it was an album title announcement. Some just wanted her attention on Twitter. Some, like me, were probably rolling their eyes.

It’s not new for Perry to pull wild promotional stunts like this all in the name of music. For the release of her first 2017 single, “Chained to the Rhythm,” Perry placed disco balls in public places that people could plug headphones into and listen to the song. Girl’s committed.

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If you were one of the lucky fans who got noticed by Perry for all your baking efforts, she apparently sent you a signed menu. Wait, what? All that baking work for… a menu? However, it appears this menu is special because not only does it detail some really delicious eats, but the name of the “restaurant” at the top is piquing fans’ interest.

If your French is a bit rusty, you may not think to translate the name of Perry’s restaurant, “Témoin.” Interestingly, in French, “témoin” means “witness.” It feels like an oddly specific name for a fun promotional event announcing her new single, “Bon Appétit.” It’s also a bit darker — what did Perry witness? — for the “Chained to the Rhythm” singer; what’s going on here? Is Perry’s new album really titled Witness?

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Once again, Perry’s all panache and plenty of mystery. What’s going on, sis?

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