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Caitlyn Jenner Steamrolled Kelly Ripa During a 15-Minute Live! Interview

Whoa, Caitlyn Jenner has a lot to say right now.

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Her appearance on Live! with Kelly on Tuesday was basically one long cringe. From the moment Jenner entered the stage proclaiming, “I want to win the best-entrance contest at the end of the year,” to the end of the segment she spent ranting and interrupting the hosts, the 15-minute “interview” was honestly about 14 minutes too long.

Jenner was there to promote her memoir, and she sort of did, in a way, but mostly she just rambled on, constantly interrupting Kelly Ripa and guest co-host John Leguizamo’s attempts to get the conversation back on track. At one point, she even belligerently questioned both hosts about their own sexuality and gender identities.

“Just think about that,” she said, pointing at Ripa after asking her when she first identified as female. “When did you know you were a girl?”

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She then turned to Leguizamo, asking him if he enjoyed dressing in drag for a 1995 comedy role. It was a little awkward, fam.

Jenner hardly let Ripa or Leguizamo get a word in as she congratulated herself on her book, and then she wrapped up her interview by throwing some shade at Live!, because apparently she just needed to take the awkwardness up one more notch before she went home.

“I have been around for 40 years, from the old Regis and Kathie Lee — Kathie Lee’s [Gifford] the godmother to some of my children — and all this kind of stuff,” she said. “I’ve watched your show for years, I’ve seen you go through all this stuff, and I’ve never been asked to co-host.”

Um, that seems a little less likely after her Tuesday appearance.

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Watch the whole awkward segment below:

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