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The Bachelorette Has Failed Rachel Lindsay

It turns out The Bachelorette may have fooled us all by revealing Rachel Lindsay’s only good men when she got to meet them early on Nick Viall’s After the Final Rose special.

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According to new reports, Lindsay is really disappointed by her crop of men for Season 13 because a lot of them are duds and simply out for fame. I expected big things from The Bachelorette this season, especially since Lindsay is the show’s first black Bachelorette. But skin color aside, girl is also amazing. She is poised, gorgeous, a successful attorney and lookin’ for love for all the right reasons. If anyone deserves to find her man, it’s Lindsay. If ABC makes her season all about petty drama, you’d better believe I’ll be spewing my dissatisfaction in some weekly articles.

The season hasn’t even aired yet and already In Touch is reporting that several of Lindsay’s men have been accused of infidelity and some are even convicted criminals. What the heck is an attorney supposed to do with a criminal? That’s not exactly a peer relationship.

Furthermore, In Touch has some pretty solid evidence that two of the guys are just on the show for the sake of drama. Apparently, suitors Blake Elarbee and Lucas Yancey both competed on another reality dating show together called Ex Isle. You’re telling me they’re not looking for fame? An insider explained, “Lucas brought his ex-girlfriend Brittney on the show, but during filming she hit it off with Blake.”

“These guys do not get along in real life,” the source added. “Producers must have cast them on purpose because it’ll make for good TV.”

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If this is true, I don’t blame Lindsay for being disappointed with the show’s casting. She’s looking for a man that’s ready to actually settle down, and if the guys are more interested in the beef they have with each other than the connection they have with Lindsay, I would imagine she’ll kick them to the curb quickly.

I did some digging into Elarbee and Yancey (you know, so I’m ready come Bachelor bracket time). Here’s what I found:

Elarbee lives in Los Angeles and is a drummer and private trainer. Though his Instagram is private, you can get enough of his profile picture to know this dude is jacked. But just because he values his muscles doesn’t mean he’s all about health. RadarOnline reports he was arrested for a DUI in 2010.

Yancey, on the other hand, is an actor, also from Los Angeles. I’m hearing the echoes of that “right reasons” song in my head right now. Though his Twitter profile picture looks like he’s trying to show off his nose hair, he’s a pretty attractive dude who, like Elarbee, seems to value his appearance. But judging from his social media pictures, it’s pretty clear he isn’t #EndGame for Lindsay.

Case in point…

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, OK, two out of 25 dudes isn’t so bad. But Elarbee and Yancey are just the start.

There’s also Bryan Abasolo, who is apparently a quick standout this season and has an instant connection with Lindsay. He’s a chiropractor from Florida, and though it sounds like he has ambition and a good job like Lindsay, his career path has been filled with some sketchy happenings. For example, there was a lawsuit against him claiming he kept insufficient medical records and another suit alleging insurance fraud. Though all suits were eventually dropped, it’s still enough to raise some eyebrows.

Wetpaint reports suitors Josiah Graham and Dean Unglert also have drinking-related offenses on their record.

Look, I love some Bachelor/ette drama just as much as the next reality TV junkie. I just also expect ABC to filter in at least a handful of guys who are actually marriage material.

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I guess we’ll have to wait until the premiere of the show on May 22 to know if her men are good enough for fan-favorite Lindsay.

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