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Stephen Colbert Gives Sean Spicer the Ultimate Daytime Soap

We knew it was eventually going to happen — Sean Spicer is a big star. We’ve warned you that Spicer’s daily White House press conference ratings are similar to our favorite daytime shows, and guess who also took notice? President Donald Trump.

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In a recent Washington Post article, President Trump revealed that he enjoys all of the attention Spicer is getting these days. While some executives might fire an employee for drawing negative attention, Trump sees it differently.

I’m not firing Sean Spicer,” he said. “That guy gets great ratings. Everyone tunes in.”

In fact, the article indicated that Spicer is his own daytime soap opera, and of course, Trump knows that his press secretary’s ratings are similar to the daytime shows.

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Stephen Colbert decided honor Spicer with his own parody video by casting him in The Bold and the Babbling, a send-up of the CBS daytime drama, The Bold and the Beautiful.

Just like real life, Spicer takes no prisoners. When all of the female actors tell the press secretary they are pregnant, he has no time for their reproductive situation. The Late Show edited Spicer’s edgy responses to the “I’m pregnant” line in a hilarious way. The show cut in comments like, “That’s the silliest thing I ever heard,” to “This is irresponsible and reckless.” The audience can be heard laughing in the background as each Spicer comeback is more ridiculous than the next.

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Colbert even gave the audience a preview of an upcoming episode of The Bold and the Babbling. The storyline looks pretty juicy because Spicer will be dealing with drunken debauchery and the classic soap opera slap. It’s the type of performance that could win him a Daytime Emmy. We all know the Emmys voters love a melodramatic scene in a nomination reel.

But for Spicer, it’s probably just an average day at the office.

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