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The DWTS Gods Are Not Looking Out for Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Maksim Chmerkovskiy is having one heck of a time at life right now.

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First, he was injured during rehearsal for Dancing with the Stars, forcing him to sit several weeks out and watch his partner, Heather Morris, dance with a rando. JK, it was troupe member Alan Bersten, but Chmerkovskiy seemed pretty dang jealous. Then, a week after that, Chmerkovskiy was healed up and able to re-enter the competition. The return was short-lived because he and Morris got eliminated, despite landing a perfect score from the judges. Seriously, WTF?

Then, he and Morris were scheduled to appear on Good Morning America to talk about their surprise elimination, but Chmerkovskiy had to skip it because he was dealing with some drunk dudes who tried to break into his house in the middle of the night. Can the poor guy catch a single break?

“That was some bullshit,” Chmerkovskiy said about the attempted break-in during a Tuesday interview with Maria Menounos on SiriusXM. “I cannot believe this. Literally, in the last couple of months, it’s just been so much stuff that’s never happened to me before that happened. It’s just a pile of stuff.”

Uh, yeah, no joke.

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“At, like, 2:20 a.m., I wake up to full-out knocking,” Chmerkovskiy said, describing the night of the break-in attempt. “I come down, there’s cops and they’re like, ‘There’s a dude outside that’s claiming this is his house.’ I’m like, ‘Wait, what?’ It was pretty wild. But I guess it’s an ongoing thing with the ex-owner of this house who — by the way, talk about Hollywood — used to be some rock singer, or rock band frontman or something.”

OK, but now all we want to know is who owned the house before Chmerkovskiy.

Anyway, the two men who were trying to break in were “belligerent drunk,” he said. And he had to skip the GMA interview because he didn’t want to leave his mom, wife and newborn alone after all that craziness, because obviously.

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Here’s hoping things finally settle down a little for Chmerkovskiy.

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