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Ed Sheeran Grants Dying 6-Year-Old His Final Wish

Well, I think it’s time we all grab some tissues and settle in because this story may just wreck you.

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Despite being one of the busiest musicians and hottest tickets in town, Ed Sheeran was able to carve out some time from his busy schedule to meet a special fan. According to the Daily Mail, Sheeran met with a young boy and his parents after they reached out to him in hopes Sheeran could grant their son’s dying wish. The young boy in question, Ollie Carroll, is currently fighting against a rare degenerative disease called Batten disease.

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Just reading about him, it’s clear that Carroll is a Sheeran superfan. Even though he is going through an unimaginable battle, Sheeran’s music is still providing some comfort. His mother told the Daily Mail, “Ollie, who once knew all the words to Ed’s songs, who used to sing along, can no longer talk. Ollie who used to stand at the television watching Ed’s videos can no longer stand and see. The power of Ed’s voice has pulled Ollie through the hardest and darkest of times.” I’m not crying; you’re crying.

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Sheeran kindly met with the Carroll family after one of his concerts in Manchester, U.K. Sheeran reportedly was all smiles and love, even pulling Carroll onto his lap, giving high fives and earnestly asking his parents about Carroll’s disease and how he could possibly help.

This bit of celebrity goodness is exactly what we need more of in the world today.

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