Adam Levine's Christina Grimmie Tribute Brought All the Feels on The Voice

Apr 25, 2017 at 11:22 p.m. ET
Image: NBC

The Voice is more than a show — it's a community. Sadly, this unique community of singers and fans has seen far too much tragedy in the last few years. Tonight, the show paid tribute to a life cut short far too soon, and there were no dry eyes to be found.

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Last year, Christina Grimmie was senselessly killed shortly prior to the Orlando nightclub shooting. Her death shocked The Voice's top stars, but because the show was not in season at the time, she didn't get the full tribute she deserved. The coaches eventually gave a shoutout to Grimmie during the Season 11 premiere. Tonight, they followed it up with an even more meaningful tribute.


As you may recall, Adam Levine was Grimmie's coach when she appeared on The Voice during Season 6. He was deeply impacted by her death. At the time, he admitted to wondering "how these things can conceivably continue to happen in our world."

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In honor of Grimmie, this season's Team Adam performed a touching rendition of "Hey Jude." Based on viewers' responses on Twitter, the performance was a hit.


Hardcore fans of The Voice may remember that on a happier occasion two years ago Levine jokingly claimed to have written "Hey Jude." This time, however, he was somber and committed to honoring Grimmie's memory.


Any time Christina Grimmie is recognized, it's a good thing, of course, but there was a reason for this evening's special occasion: the announcement of the Christina Grimmie Foundation, a charitable organization that aims to help victims of breast cancer and gun violence.

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There is no replacing Christina Grimmie, but her memory will live on through The Voice and through the new foundation created in her honor.

We're so glad that The Voice offered such an emotional tribute to this talented singer tonight. We know she would have loved to be up on that stage singing "Hey Jude" alongside Levine and Team Adam.

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