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Emma Watson Thinks It’s Weird You’re Sharing Everything on Social Media

Emma Watson, a uniquely wonderful woman and human in this world, is a bit creeped out by society’s willingness and readiness to share their entire lives on various social media platforms.

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During a Periscope-streamed chat with Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey, The Circle director James Ponsoldt and Circle co-stars Tom Hanks and Patton Oswalt, Watson explained why she doesn’t share a lot on social media. She also got a chance to explain the uncanniness and weirdness of our sharing habits, indicating they mirror how celebrities market themselves on social media. In case you want to hear for yourself, her comments come in around the 40:00 mark.

This push to live more like a celebrity, create your brand, market yourself and curate only the most likable parts of your life for social media has left Watson wondering what is so special about being a celebrity if, well, everyone has the potential to be a celebrity. “I feel like it’s becoming so much more relatable because it’s not like fame is something that only celebrities are experiencing anymore,” she reasoned. “To a certain degree, everyone who uses social media or has a social media platform or whatever else is broadcasting themselves, marketing themselves, sharing intimate details of their lives [the way A-listers do].”

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She was also quick to note that the ability to give instant feedback — comments, likes, dislikes, loves and so forth — fed this oversharing beast within us; our need for communal approval has grown to the point she doesn’t want to be a part of it. “[T]hey’re receiving comments, they’re receiving likes, dislikes. They’re experiencing exactly what I’m experiencing, of course to lesser and greater degrees. The way that the world is moving, like my experiences I don’t feel like are unique so much anymore in a really interesting way.”

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The Circle will focus on technology’s deep integration into our consciousness and our society. What makes us tick? Why do we share what we share? And who exactly is watching us do the things we do on social media? For Watson, you won’t see her sharing any details of her personal life anytime soon because it’s not only an uncomfortable habit; she wants to keep her life to herself.

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