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Shania Twain Should Be a Permanent Coach on The Voice

One of the best things about getting to the Top 12 on The Voice is hearing new and insightful feedback from the show’s mentors. This season’s choice was particularly impressive: country darling Shania Twain. We loved Twain so much, we hope she returns in the future — perhaps even as a full-time coach!

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Shania Twain
Image: NBC

When meeting individually with the remaining contestants and their coaches, Twain offered direct, actionable advice. For example, she told Brennley Brown, “Less is probably best.” When speaking with Aliyah Moulden, Twain offered valuable technical feedback and advised against oversinging.

With Twain, it’s very easy to tell what she thinks of a particular contestant while they’re up onstage. She really got into the performances this evening, and it was clear she was having the time of her life alongside the typical four judges. When it was time for critiques, however, she offered positive yet useful feedback. She told Jesse Larson, “You hit the peak in that song right at the right moment. You got there with perfection. You are a stunning vocalist. Without your guitar, I could read your body language, the emotion.”

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At the end of the night, Twain told Vanessa Ferguson, “You have a sense of style inside and out and that comes out in your voice and your delivery.”

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We’re certainly not alone in our love of Shania Twain. Several fans spoke out on Twitter this evening, and many really want her as a coach!

Not everybody was into Twain as a mentor, however. A few claimed that she was far too nice and should have offered harsher critiques, particularly when Lilli Passero “butchered” one of Twain’s most iconic songs. But we can’t imagine Twain being harsh, not to mention that’s really not her job as a mentor. She can provide constructive criticism, sure, but her kindhearted approach is exactly what the show’s contestants need.

Here’s hoping we see more of Shania Twain on The Voice in the future!

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