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Ed Sheeran Might Quit Music for Pedestrian Normalcy

OK, before anyone gets too upset, Ed Sheeran is probably not quitting music.

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Following reports that he’s getting married and making babies and living like a normal person after his Divide tour wraps up, Sheeran had this to say:

With that said, here’s the backstory.

An anonymous source close to Sheeran told the Daily Star that he’s been so successful he’s pretty much over it.

“Ed has pretty much achieved everything there is to achieve in music,” the insider reportedly said. “He absolutely loves what he does and is riding the wave of his success at the moment, but at the same time he wants a more normal life.”

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Sheeran has been dating his high school sweetheart for a couple of years, and that’s also a factor according to this anonymous source.

“When or if he gets married he wants to put his wife and kids first and not his career. If that means going AWOL for years then so be it,” the insider explained. “The big test is if the relationship survives this album and the tour… When they got together Ed was on his year off but every day in his schedule for the next year is practically full.”

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Of course, it’s possible that Sheeran doesn’t want people to know his secret plan to quit music, so he’s denying it to keep things under wraps. But, uh, why would he straight-up quit just because he has other things going on in life? Music isn’t all-or-nothing. He could totally just dial it back. So our money’s on this being just an internet rumor and there being new Ed Sheeran music in our lives for a long time to come.

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