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Caitlyn Jenner Is the Butt of an Awful Joke All in the Name of Street Art

Make no mistake. It is horrifying that Caitlyn Jenner was turned into a scary clown for a piece of street art. It’s so wrong on so many levels and the fact that this is happening in 2017 only compounds the horror of this event.

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Ahead of her appearance on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show, conservative street artist (I mean, did you ever expect to read that phrase in your life?) Sabo placed Jenner’s face on posters for It and posted them around Los Angeles. Jenner’s face appears where It villain Pennywise’s face would normally appear, effectively telegraphing that Jenner is also a scary clown monster like the fictional horror film character. Ugh.

First of all, this piece of “art” is downright disgusting and offensive. Sure, Jenner’s politics potentially leave something to be desired, her life as a reality TV show star may turn some people off, and yes, people will get all in their feelings about Jenner living her best life as a trans woman even though it’s not really their business. All that aside, there’s no reason she should be grossly and publicly turned into a horrific joke.

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Oh, and in case you’re curious as to why exactly Sabo created this abominable piece of art, he explained to the The Hollywood Reporter, “I converted to the Muslim faith and I joined ISIS, so what’s going on with Bruce Jenner goes against my new-found faith. If any progressives have a problem with this poster, then I’ll just have to label them ‘Islamophobic.'” Sabo’s insistence on calling Jenner by her former name is incredibly problematic and repressive. Furthermore, his connections between his faith and the reason for this piece of art’s existence is on a whole other level of wrong.

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Folks, it’s Monday. It’s too early in the week for this horrific nonsense. The Hollywood Reporter noted that the piece may stay up for about 24 hours, but let’s hope it gets taken down much, much sooner.

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