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Rashida Jones Brings Out The Best In Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie and Rashida Jones are not two names I naturally put together. I see Richie as more of a behind the scenes entrepreneur, and I won’t lie that my perception is still a bit stained by our first taste of her all those bad fashion styles and years ago on The Simple Life. But if we’ve learned anything since 2003, it’s that reality TV is not real, and more often than not its subjects are playing characters just as fictional as those on a scripted series.

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Rashida Jones on the other hand gave us all life in Parks and Recreation as the awkward, charming, dead pan Ann Perkins, and since the show’s tragic ending (it was not tragic story-wise, just tragic that it, the greatest show of all time, ended) she has worked consistently, even nabbing her own broadcast primetime show Angie Tribeca. Jones has also has maintained a sort of chill, down to earth, Cali witch vibe, which contrasts a great deal from Nicole’s very loud, and very funny persona.

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But DUH they’re friends, they grew up together because they have famous music dads. So suffice it to say that Refinery 29’s profile of Richie, with Jones running the interview, was lady magic and we were here for it.

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In the profile the two discuss Richie’s new turn as a legitimate actress in the new NBC comedy Great News premiering April 25th. Richie is very candid with Nicole, saying, “Oh, my gosh, I was intimidated on every level. First of all, these people had already shot a pilot, so they already knew each other. So I was really walking in not only as the girl who just got her first acting role as a regular on a series, but also as just the new kid on the block.”

Among many other topics, they also get real about what it means to be an adult. Asked how adult she feels, Richie admitted, ““We are, but I don’t — not only do I not look at myself as an adult, I don’t look at you as one. I do in the sense of, I’m so proud of you and everything that you’ve accomplished, and it’s so amazing. But when I’m talking to you, it’s like I’m 18 again, and we’re sneaking into our rooms to break it down over the phone.” 

Jones adorably responded,  “That’s true. I mean, thank you for saying that you don’t think of me as an adult. Because sometimes I feel so adult that there’s no going back. So I’m happy to hear that you can still see that part of me.”

The whole interview is a great read of career advise from inspiring women, women lifting each other up, and mother fucking girl power.

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