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Kate Middleton Smirks While Husband, Known Prince, Is Hit With Water

Kate Middleton is a mysterious woman. She shook up the royal family much like her husband’s mother did before her (which Ryan Murphy will be dramatizing for us on the next season of Feud!). But she’s also relatable in a way that no modern royal has ever been, and we f-ing love her for it.

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So needless to say that when Prince William and Kate Middleton showed up to hand out water to runners in the London Marathon, and one cheeky lad decided to throw water in the Prince’s face, Kate served a look we all might have. She fucking smirked. (Sorry, princess).

Jennifer Lawrence
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Prince William did pass the whole charade off quite charmingly, laughing, instead of aiming his royal scepter at said commoner and immediately eviscerating him off the Queen’s good, green earth.

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Their chill is beyond compare. But Kate’s icy, yet alluring Anna Wintour meets Meryl Streep response is what we’re living for. It’s like with her mind she was trying to low key brain wash William into reacting in the most perfect way. Which he did, and I absolutely 100% believe that Kate’s ancient, inherited rural witchcraft was behind it.

The real question here though is who in god’s name threw that water? Why? And how was it not off with his head? My American self just can’t get around that. If someone threw water on Trump only Gatorade would be coming out of our taps from now on as punishment like in Idiocracy.

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