Prince’s First Wife, Mayte Garcia, Has Enough Memories of Him to Fill Another Book

She was Prince’s first wife and one of his main muses during one of his most prolific eras, and Mayte Garcia tells us she has even more remarkable tales to tell.

Garcia was part of Prince’s world from 1990, when they first met after her mother submitted a video of a then 16-year-old Garcia belly-dancing, until their divorce in 2000. Their first baby, a boy they named Amiir, died shortly after birth; a second pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

Now, Garcia is opening up to the world and discussing her life with Prince. SheKnows had the chance to interview Garcia about her new book, The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince (you can read the first part of that chat here). During our talk, she told us that more anecdotes of the iconic artist may be coming to a bookstore near you in the future. Next time, though, they’ll be focused on the stories behind the songs.

When it was mentioned that fans have lots more questions about Garcia’s life with Prince, she explained her idea on how to potentially incorporate her experiences with the “Purple Rain” singer into another book. “It was so funny, I was talking to a friend of mine and we’ll hear a song come on and be like, ‘We were there when that happened!’ He was like, ‘You know, you could write a book on just all the songs you were around and how they came to be.’ That would be interesting, we’ll see,” she remarked.

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Garcia also said that despite some fans’ displeasure at her revealing intimate parts of the notoriously private superstar’s personal life, she had his family’s blessing to do so. “I talk to Omarr [Baker, Prince’s half-brother] and Tyka [Nelson, Prince’s sister]. I saw them all [at the memorial] and I still have contact with them. It’s a transition right now that we’re going through, and healing, and I know I’ll be seeing them soon. I’m going to Minneapolis for a book signing, so I probably will go and have pancakes with Omarr.”

Interestingly, when asked about the reaction Prince’s family had to the memoir, Garcia noted that they reacted positively. “They were very supportive, I do know that. When I was there last time, I had waffles with Prince’s brother Omarr, and Tyka, I spoke with her, and they know that we’re all family, and it’s coming from love, so I know I’m gonna get big hugs from them.”

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She shared this image today on Instagram to honor her late ex on the first anniversary of his death.

Prince passed away at his beloved Paisley Park on April 21, 2016.


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