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Are Prince Harry and Prince William Going to Be Stormtroopers?

Honestly, I’ve never seen a Star War.

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I’m not quite sure why. I love space and feminist princesses. The original trilogy was a bit before my time, and maybe I just didn’t feel like catching up. But I might have to change my tune soon, because Prince Harry and Prince William definitely probably maybe certainly are making a cameo in the upcoming installment.

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The Daily Mail planted rumor seeds after the British royal duo were spotted on the set of Star Wars: The Last Jedi a year ago. Their reporters thought it would make sense for the two to appear as Stormtroopers after fellow Brit and Bond, Daniel Craig, did so in The Force Awakens.

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What started out as rumors might just be true, though. Actor John Boyega made some sly insinuations in a recent interview. When asked by the BBC if singer Gary Barlow made any appearances in The Last Jedi, he joked, “I have no comment, but he does look good in a Star Wars suit.” The interviewer pivoted off that to ask the same question about the princes, to which Boyega replied, “No comment on that, but they look good too.” What a tease.

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Director Rian Johnson made a verbal wink at the potential cameo as well, telling Yahoo!, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have no clue.” He continued with a grin, “I can neither confirm nor deny.” Seems like it might just actually perhaps totally happen!

Are you stoked for a princes’ lightsaber battle? Tell us in the comments!

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