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Thanks, Chrissy Metz, for the New Life Mantra

Chrissy Metz is such a damn bae. Seriously. She doesn’t fit that Hollywood standard of female beauty, but guess what: She doesn’t give one single shit. She knows she’s gorgeous. She loves herself. She is a shining example of the way we should all be loving ourselves right now and all the time.

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Unsurprisingly, though, Metz had to travel a long road to reach the level of self-acceptance she rocks now. Our society places some ridiculous pressure on women, especially when they’re young, to look a certain way, and once upon a time, Metz was affected by that.

For this year’s People magazine World’s Most Beautiful issue, Metz penned a gorgeous, touching letter to her young self, and in it, she wrote a mantra for all of us to use, to learn, to memorize and go forth and love ourselves freely and wildly and with no hang-ups because we are all so effing beautiful.

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“Hey, Girl, Hey!” she writes. “You are just as important and beautiful as Amy, the most gorgeous cheerleader in your entire school, even if your hair isn’t the perfect natural shade of honey blonde or because your clothes aren’t from Guess or that your curves look VERY different from hers.”

Metz continues, “Contrary to the bill of goods you’ve been sold, life is not a competition. Stop comparing yourself to anyone or anything. We are all on our own journey and YOU are the driver. There will be bumps in the road, detours to be taken and pit stops will have to be made, but you’ve got to fill ‘er up and keep going. You will lose your map, but never your intuition.”

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She ends her letter, “Allow every smile, frown and town you drive through to open your mind, but never close your heart. One day you will appreciate the upgrade of that cruise control but never take your eye off that winding road you have paved by being courageously you!”

Yas! Preach! Queen!

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