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Now Taylor Swift’s Written Something About Ed Sheeran

The Time‘s 100 Most Influential People list has finally dropped, and like many time-honored traditions, it’s a lot take in right now.

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One of the most notable pieces of coverage is musician Ed Sheeran’s appearance on the artists section of the list. Since this special list consists of blurbs written about a particular honoree by a friend or peer, Taylor Swift contributed a piece about Sheeran for his spotlight. As you might expect, Swift’s blurb was affectionate toward him as a person and reverential toward his accomplishments thus far.

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She began by noting that music has always been Sheeran’s choice and passion. Somewhere along the way, though, he turned into a man completely consumed by and dedicated to the music. “Whether by choice or an unconscious evolution, when he decided on his musical ambitions, Ed became less of a boy and more of a tank,” she explained. “He is protected by an impenetrable and ever-present armor of enthusiasm that has helped him endure any setback, letdown or underestimation. His reaction to any idea that fails is to almost immediately come up with a new one. He’s like a fighter who pops back up on his feet before you even noticed he’d been knocked down.” Swift makes Sheeran’s love of music sound infectious — in a good way — and it’s tough not to feel the same stirrings of endearment toward him that she puts into writing about him.

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Infectiously sweet though it may be, it’s also a bit borderline saccharine. Of course, it’s no surprise that two friends (who regularly gush about one another in public) would continue the shenanigans in another forum.

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