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Lana Del Rey Is Now Serving Witchy Realness Vibes

Lana Del Rey’s thing is a little trite, prefabricated and perfectly packaged for capitalist-minded millennial exploitation. But having said that, I can hand it to her for both being persistent and consistent. Despite the wicked initial backlash about her trust fund, plastic surgery and premeditation to be famous rather than have a career in music — one seemed more just like a means to an end for the other — she has been pervasive AF.

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And for what feels like maybe the first time since she unveiled her Melrose princess thing Lana has switched up her image. She’s now serving hot buttered rolls with witchy, Gothic-pop realness, and I’m loving it. Despite the conceit behind Del Rey, all of her music is a lo-fi, synthetic banger, and everyone who loves pop music needs that sometimes. And now it seems she is ready to give us even more.

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The trailer for her upcoming album was some sort of Love Witch-meets-Morticia Addams-meets-Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions-meets-Cher from Clueless swagger. Which is to say it’s V cool. In the short filmesque video, she muses about living in the Hollywood sign and needing to put out music in order to give something of herself to this troubled world as opposed to just going all space witch and checking out.
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The new music video and song, “Lust For Life,” riff on the same theme, still in the Hollywood sign, and featuring The Weeknd. The whole thing is refreshing from Del Rey. It’s a shake-up of her sound. A little more expansive and mainstream — still delicate, but in a more major way. Check it out below and prepare for an album full of summer bangers.

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