Three Favorite Contestants of Bachelorette Past Are Living Out Their Best Bro Dreams

If you ever needed proof that even if a stint on The Bachelorette doesn’t result in lasting love, there’s still a best life to be lived, boy do we have it.

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Jef Holm, aka Emily Maynard’s ex-fiancé, just opened the doors of his Venice Beach bachelor pad to two other Bachelorette rejects: Chase McNary and Robby Hayes, who both competed for JoJo Fletcher. The three bros are all living together and partying together, and someone please find out how I can get an invite to one of their house parties, K thx.

The three of them met when they were all at the taping of Nick Viall’s “Women Tell All” special.

“We ended up after partying at [Holm’s] house,” Hayes said. “He said his two roommates were moving out and gave us the opportunity to move in.”

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What great timing, because Hayes and McNary had just moved out of their shared pad in Denver, and with all the business opportunities they were eyeing in LA, “it’s like the stars were aligning,” Hayes said. “You only live once, so why not go for it? We’re striking while the iron is hot.”

Also, the house they’re all sharing now sounds bomb as hell.

“You can literally see Venice Beach Pier from my window,” Hayes said. “That’s how close we are to the beach. It’s incredible!”

But it may be a short-lived arrangement for Hayes, who’s kind of maybe considering a stint on Bachelor In Paradise this summer (and if we have any say, YES, ROBBY, PLEASE GO).

“It’s something I’m interested in, but my family might not be,” he explained. “They’re catching all the flak and dealing with rumors while I’m cut off from the world with no phone and internet. My mom stresses out. I don’t know how they would deal with me being back on TV. But it’s a bridge I’ll cross if and when producers ask me to go on.”

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