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Meghan Markle’s Royal Transformation Is Almost Complete

As much as we love Meghan Markle, we can’t help our sighs of sadness as a proposal grows more and more imminent. This is probably it; Prince Harry is off the market for good.

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Things have been getting clearly more and more serious since the day Markle and Prince Harry met. They’ve gone on vacations together, arranged secret rendezvous and attended weddings as a couple. If anyone has their eye on the prize, it’s Markle, and that prize is being the newest royal.

Right now, she practically lives at Kensington Palace, insiders say. While most nonfamily members have to go through strict security clearance, showing two forms of ID and a written invitation to enter the grounds, Markle “is waved right through,” a source told Us Weekly. “Harry has made it clear she’s to be treated like everyone else who lives there.”

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If that weren’t indication enough that the family is going to start planning another royal wedding any day now, Markle is taking other steps to make sure she’s royal fam-ready, including talking to some of Harry’s closest advisers on the reg. “There have been many times where Meghan’s been unsure of protocol,” an insider said, “and having access to Harry’s aides has been a godsend.”

Those aides include Prince Harry’s private secretary and his communications secretary. From the sound of things, Markle has the both of them practically on speed dial. It’s a good thing too, because it takes a lot of work to impress literal royalty like Harry’s family. So far, Markle has reportedly been nailing it.

“She’s very much been accepted into the family,” a source said. “They are so happy to see Harry happy.”

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I mean, obviously, we’re all very happy for Prince Harry. Then again, couldn’t he be happy being our single thirst-trap forever?

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