The World Is So Thirsty for a Lady Gaga-Bradley Cooper Romance

Nobody loves even the flimsiest hint of a new celebrity relationship in the works more than I do. What kind of monster doesn’t jump at the opportunity to celebrate new and budding love? That said, there’s one incredibly weird thing happening right now that has me so confused, and it involves a guy, a girl and a ton of people that want to make them happen as a couple (like Gretchen Weiners and “fetch” in Mean Girls).

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Photos from the set of the A Star Is Born have surfaced that involve leads Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper passionately kissing. Now, mind you, this passionate kiss is not a real kiss; it’s for the movie. In the plot for A Star Is Born, Ally (played by Lady Gaga) and Jackson Maine (played by Cooper) are two musicians who fall in love but may get broken up when Ally’s musical career takes off and Jackson’s stalls.

For some weird reason, people are hooked on perpetrating this kiss like it’s real and indicative of an actual budding romance. The chemistry between Lady Gaga and Cooper is definitely palpable, so it’s easy to get confused. But, like, making this out to be a real thing? You guys need to get a grip, please and thank you. Oh, and there’s one crucial very hilarious catch to this hubbub: Lady Gaga and Cooper are involved… with other people.

Cooper just welcomed a baby girl with his current girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Irina Shayk. On the flip side, Lady Gaga has reportedly been dating her agent, Christian Carino, for the last few months, although Lady Gaga hasn’t officially announced the relationship. They were, however, spotted together at the Super Bowl this year and attended a Grammy’s 2017 after-party together.

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So, let’s review — Cooper is definitely dating…

Brad Cooper Irina Shayk
Image: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

… Irina Shayk, not Lady Gaga

I mean, look at how cute Cooper and Shayk were at the Met Ball last year:

Cooper Shayk Met Gala
Image: James Devaney/Getty Images

She also loves biting Cooper’s shoulder like she’s marking her territory, which totally implies that she’s not sharing her actor boyfriend with anybody:

Cooper Shayk Wimbledon
Image: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Also, Lady Gaga is actually, for real, most likely dating…

Lady Gaga Christian Carino
Image: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

… Carino — look at how cute these two are while chit-chatting at that Grammys after-party

Then again, Gaga hasn’t posted any couples pics in months. If that relationship has gone kaput, then she’s living her best single life, as well she should be.

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So, have we officially put that nonsense rumor to bed? Good.


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