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Blake Shelton Just Got His Comeuppance on The Voice

It’s not often that a contestant gets to tell Blake Shelton, “I told you so!” on The Voice, but when it happens, it’s oddly satisfying. We love Shelton, but once in awhile, we like to see him knocked off his pedestal.

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That’s exactly what happened tonight, when Shelton was forced to admit that he made a poor, poor choice earlier this season in letting Brennley Brown be snatched up by Team Gwen.

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Shelton’s unexpected admission occurred in the aftermath of Brown’s outstanding Live Playoffs performance. Brown wowed the audience with a lovely rendition of “Fly” by Maddie & Tae. Talk about great song choice — this particular tune showcased Brown’s unique talents perfectly.

Stefani, of course, was loving Shelton’s remorse. She is thrilled to have Brown on her team and even more thrilled to see her boyfriend and chief competition admit to making a huge mistake. She didn’t make it all about Shelton, however; she admitted that her decision to steal Brown was rooted more in her desire for a “cool young female singer” than any wish to show up her boyfriend.

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It’s fun to see Shelton admit to messing up, but we gotta play devil’s advocate for a second. He was forced to make an impossible decision. In case you forgot, Brennley Brown was eliminated from Team Blake only after going up against Lauren Duski, who, of course, is absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately, despite all the praise, Brown nearly faced elimination this evening. Thankfully, America pulled through and voted to save her. Thank goodness! Artists typically don’t last long after their first encounter with the chopping block, so we hope fans wake up and grant her the votes she deserves.

No matter why Stefani stole Brown, we’re glad she did. It would have been a shame to miss out on magnificent performances like the one she gave tonight. We’re also glad that America saved her because we’re certain she’ll sound even better when she takes the stage next week.

Was it a bad move for Blake Shelton to let Brennley Brown go? Comment and share your opinion below.

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